Resources for Religious literacy

Several valuable and informative resources are available to help one become more religiously literate.  Below is an ongoing accumulation of the best resources I have found for educators and the general public. Free and for the general public: Harvard University’s MOOC on religious literacy Religion for Breakfast YouTube videos For educators: In-person workshops and seminars: SummerContinue reading “Resources for Religious literacy”

Religious Bullying

There remains little focus on religious bullying, but I hope to raise more awareness about this form of bullying through this site.  Please visit often to review new reports and educational aids to understand and address religious bullying. Reports about religious bullying:‘s comprehensive summary on religious bullying The Sikh Coalition report on the stateContinue reading “Religious Bullying”

Welcome to Alice Chan’s Professional e-Portfolio!

I am currently completing my studies in the two year Master of Teaching program at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto.  My goal as a teacher is to inspire all students to soar by realizing and thereby reaching their potential and find the joy in becoming a life-longContinue reading “Welcome to Alice Chan’s Professional e-Portfolio!”