Research Publications (A selection)


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Chan, W. Y. A. (2016).  Educating against religious bullying:  Considering one root to the issue of religious extremism. [Blog]. Religious Education and Security

Refereed Research Presentations (A selection)

R May 2017       Presenter, Religious bullying in public schools: Past, present, and future, Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Congress, Toronto, Canada

R May 2017       Round-table Presenter, Addressing religious bullying: Is religious literacy a vital aspect to the whole school approach?, World Anti-bullying Forum, Stockholm, Sweden

R Mar 2017       Panelist, Debunking myths about immigrants and radicalization: Countering violent extremism initiatives and recommendations, National Metropolis Conference 2017 Conference, Montreal, Canada

R Mar 2017      Panelist, Education’s role in religious bullying, Religion & Education SIG Highlighted Session, Comparative and International Education Society 2017 Conference, Atlanta, US

R Mar 2017       Co-author, Religion, security, and schooling: Educational responses to extremism and related issues, Comparative and International Education Society 2017 Conference, Atlanta

R Nov 2016      Paper, The future of religious literacy and teacher education in the Ontario classroom, Religion and Education Association 2016 Conference, Pittsburgh, US

R July 2016       Paper, Can religious literacy programs in Quebec and California foster the citizenship education needed to avert religious bullying?, Religious Literacy in a Plural Age: NEH Working Conference, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

R May 2016      Paper, Are religious literacy programs a means for building healthy relationships? Citizenship Education Research Network, CSSE, Congress, Calgary, Canada

R Mar 2016       Panelist, Confronting religion and extremism:  Pedagogical challenges, Conflict management conference, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, US

R Nov 2015        Presenter, Religious Bullying and Religious Literacy, PREVNet Conference 2015, Toronto

R Oct 2015         Paper, Habermas’ communicative action and Gómez’s critical communicative methodology: A mixed methods approach to collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and principals on religious literacy and religious bullying, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion 2015 Conference, Newport Beach, California

R Jun 2015        Paper, Breaking down cycles of religious illiteracy: Case studies from Ontario and Quebec public school and community programs, Canadian Society for the Study of Religion 2015 Conference, Ottawa

R May 2015       Panelist, From the classroom to the community: Student, teacher, principal, and parent perspectives on religious literacy and religious bullying, American Academy of Religion Eastern International Regional 2015 Conference, Montreal

R Apr 2015        Co-Author, Towards Just and Inclusive Education for Religious Minorities: A View from Hong Kong and Modesto, California, American Educational Research Association 2015 Conference, Chicago

R Mar 2015       Reviewer, Panelist, Ubuntu! A place of uniting in diversity through spiritual and religious literacy, and peace education, Comparative and International Education Society 2015 Conference, Washington, D.C.

R Mar 2015       Reviewer, Panelist, Conceptions of religious literacy and its implications for citizenship in religious education within Montreal, Quebec and Modesto, California, Religion & Education SIG Highlighted Session, Comparative and International Education Society 2015 Conference, Washington, D.C.

R Nov 2014       Paper, Can Religious Literacy deter Religious Bullying? Religion and Education Association 2014 Conference, Chicago

R Oct 2014         Reviewer, Panelist, Religious student narratives in Canada, American Educational Studies Association, Toronto

R Oct 2014         Paper, A Cycle of Religious (Il)literacy beginning with Students Today, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion 2014 Conference, Indianapolis

R Mar 2014       Paper presenter, Reviewer, and Discussant, Religious based bullying:  Is religious literacy the “education for all” that we need? Comparative and International Education Society 2014 Conference, Toronto

R Mar 2014       Panelist and Reviewer, Perspectives on Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC) Program: A Case for Religious Literacy, EGSS 2014 Conference, McGill University



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