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“Children have the right to receive an education that presents the human experience in all its complexities and multiplicities. This includes the ways in which the quest for meaning has expressed itself through the development of religious thought.”
(Sweet, 1997, p 11)

Key words: inclusive, secular, pluralism, religious bullying, religious literacy, dialogue, public school

As a PhD candidate at McGill University’s Department of Integrated Studies in Education, I miss the classroom interaction with my middle school students but I am successfully making gains in my research on religious literacy and religious bullying — bully that occurs based on one’s religious or religiously unaffiliated identity and beliefs.

As a teacher-researcher, I am passionate about the inclusion of all students and focused my Masters research on how teachers can address religion in an inclusive secular public school classroom.  My current research aims to support teachers by sharing existing practices on religious literacy in secular settings and support teachers and students through on-line and in-school religious bullying.


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Please feel free to email me or follow me on Twitter if you would like to chat about my research.  It would be a pleasure to work with you to better support our future generations.

“Mlima hazipatikani wanadamu wanakutana.”– Swahili proverb  
(Mountains never meet, but people do.)

Email: alice.wy.chan@gmail.com
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Academia.edu: https://mcgill.academia.edu/WingYuAliceChan
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