Research and Projects

Primary interests: Religious literacy in community and across the professions; religious bullying

Co-lead on various projects on behalf of the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy (2018 to present)

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Evaluative Consultant , University of Mary Washington (2018-2019)

Georgia 3Rs Project, Religious Freedom Center, Washington, D. C. (PI: Dr. Emile Lester, Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington, Virginia, US.)

Co-Principal Investigator, Hindu American Foundation  (2018-2019)

Classroom Subjected 2.0, Across the US (Co-PI: Dr. Murali Balaji, Lecturer at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania)

Graduate Student Researcher, 24 Canadian university collaboration (2018-2019)

TRaCE 2.0 (McGill University contribution led by Dr. Paul Yachnin)

Research Consultant, UNESCO-MGIEP (2017)

UNESCO-MGIEP Youth-led Guide on Preventing Violent Extremism through Education (Led by Carolyn Nash, Executive Director of Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership and Dr. Yulia Nesterova, University of Glasgow)

Research Assistant, The Canadian network for research on Terrorism, Security and Society (2016-2018)

Educational trajectories of radicalized females in Montreal (PI: Dr. Ratna Ghosh, McGill University)

Research Assistant, McGill University (2015-2019)

Countering violent extremism through education in multicultural Canada (PI: Dr. Ratna Ghosh, McGill University) 

Research Assistant, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (2015-2016)

Education & Security: A Global Literature Report on Countering Violent Religious Extremism (CVE) (PI: Dr. Ratna Ghosh, McGill University)