Philosophy of Ed.

In his book The Element:  How Finding your Passion Changes Everything (2009), Sir Ken Robinson wrote: “They and the other people you’ll meet in this book have identified the sweet spot for themselves.  They have discovered their Element – the place where the things you love to do and the things that you are good at come together.  The Element is a different way of defining our potential.  It manifests itself differently in every person, but the components of the Element are universal.”

Further, he lists that “The Element has two main features, and there are two conditions for being in it.  The features are aptitude and passion.  The conditions are attitude and opportunity.” (Sir Ken Robinson, 2009, p 22).

I firmly believe all students have an innate aptitude and passion, and it is my hope as a teacher to offer the right attitude and opportunity to help them recognize, foster, and enhance their aptitude and passion in order for them to excel and rise to their occasion.  As an educator, teaching the individual and not simply the subject is vital to a student’s success.

Influential educators and theorist in my teaching and research: Eamonn Callan, John Dewey, Diane Eck, James W. Fraser, Nancy Fraser, Paulo Freire, Ratna Ghosh, Amy Guttman, Jurgen Habermas, Robert Jackson, Will Kymlicka, Siebren Miedema, Diane L. Moore, Parker Palmer, Sir Ken Robinson, Charles Taylor, Dennis Thompson.

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